How You Can Help Extend the Lifespan of Your Winnipeg Air Conditioner

Air conditioners in Winnipeg play a large role in maintaining a comfortable temperature in homes, especially during the warmer months. However, AC units need to be maintained properly to do their job well and to last much longer than the standard 12-year lifespan.


Expert Winnipeg Plumbing Companies Can Help You Replace Garburators

Your trusted Winnipeg plumbers can help you gauge other specifics needed for your garburator. According to Carter, some deluxe models are noteworthy because of their stainless-steel construction and added features like auto-reverse to prevent overheating motors when the drive shaft jams. For blades in the chamber, the larger units have oscillating blades to grind the debris faster while smaller units use spinning blades.

Fix Your Faulty Furnace in Winnipeg Before CO Threatens Your Health

According to Dr. David Penney of Wayne State University, over 500 people die through unintentional exposure to CO every year. Milder CO poisoning symptoms include dizziness, confusion, and disorientation. In some cases, the poisoning manifests as a cold or flu. If members of your household are exhibiting these symptoms, check your Winnipeg furnace for damage or malfunction.

Efficient Winnipeg Air Conditioning System Improves a Home’s Value

If you’re not sure about the kind of Winnipeg air conditioning to have, consult with professional technicians from companies like Bison Plumbing & Heating LTD. They can come to your home and inspect your duct system to know if connecting a centralized AC system makes more economical sense. They can also give you suggestions on which between a central and split type air conditioner would be better for your home.

Winnipeg Plumbing Company Can Provide a Backup for Your Sump Pump

No matter where you live in Canada, it’s clear that you’ll need ways to stop water from entering your home. It only takes a heavy downpour to inundate major cities across the country. Disaster risk reduction starts with proper planning. If you need a sump pump or backwater valve installed or checked, call on a professional Winnipeg plumber to get optimum results.

Call Licensed Winnipeg Plumbers for City-Funded Anti-Flood Measures

Since the Red River Flood of 1950, Winnipeg has placed flood control measures to mitigate the damage. Nevertheless, basement water will remain trapped unless a working sump pit system can be installed. The government’s subsidy program should be enough of a reason to have your own anti-flood measures at home, installed by professional plumbers in Winnipeg.