Call a Plumber—Plumbing Emergencies are Common throughout the Winters


Winnipeg winter conditions are renowned in Canada and have some of the worst winters on record, with hundreds of homes experiencing frozen pipes, lack of water and heating failures. Winnipeg plumbing companies are aware of winter pitfalls and sometimes work round the clock when conditions are at their worst.

Trouble is when problems strike they always hit at the worst times. Take Ian McCausland a commercial photographer based in Winnipeg. The harsh weather conditions caused damage to his studio at the worst possible time in winter 2014. He had a major shoot planned and lost the water supply to his business premises just prior to the shoot. McCausland managed to shop around and hire a trailer to provide temporary water and toilet facilities for his clients, however, not everybody is in the same position.


Furnace Installations: When You Should Call a Professional for Help

Thanks to technological innovations, furnaces are now able to last longer than ever before. While generally requiring little maintenance, it is still a fact that a new unit will need to be installed from time to time. What are some of the top installation tips and what pitfalls should be avoided? Let’s take a closer look.

Top Installation Tips

One of the first steps is to choose the appropriately sized furnace in relation to internal heating needs. This can be a bit tricky and should be left to a professional installation team. Another area to address is determining which type of heating system is the most appropriate and what benefits are offered.

Efficient Air Conditioners Address Warm Summer Seasons in Winnipeg

We often hear about the extremely low temperatures that are common during winters in Winnipeg. However, this region is also known for its sunny and warm summers. With average July temperatures reaching as high as 30ºC, there are times when an air conditioner can have a massive impact on the comfort levels within the home.

Health Benefits

Staying cool offers many additional benefits than mere comfort alone. Anyone who is susceptible to the heat can be exposed to some very real dangers. Those with pre-existing medical conditions, infants and the elderly are at a particularly heightened risk. Heat stroke, in particular, is a very real threat. The presence of an air conditioner in Winnipeg homes is also quite important from a health standpoint.

Efficient Heating Options to Keep the Frigid Winnipeg Winter at Bay

During the dead of winter, temperatures in Winnipeg can fall to as low as -21ºC (1). This is problematic for two reasons. Obviously, such a profound chill is very uncomfortable. However, frozen pipes are another very real issue that can cause any home a great deal of costly damage.

It should, therefore, be clear that search terms such as “heating Winnipeg” are commonly seen during the autumn and winter. Any qualified plumber will have the expertise necessary to install these systems around the needs of the property owner.

Numerous Choices

One of the benefits of modern technology is that there are a vast amount of heating solutions available. While some will depend upon the home in question, others can help the owner save a great deal of money throughout the year.

Three Factors You Should Consider When Hiring Plumbers in Winnipeg

Winnipeg plumbers are known for their professionalism as well as for their ability to deal with nearly any emergency situation imaginable. Of course, part of this arises from the fact that frozen pipes can create very real issues. This is exacerbated considering that Winnipeg is thought to have the coldest winters within all of Canada. However, the ability to address a burst pipe is not the only trait that a plumber should bring to the table. What are some of the other hallmarks of reputable plumbing companies?


Plumbing can be a difficult job and the professional needs to be able to handle multiple different tasks that may be required. From leaky taps and broken toilets to replacing hot water tanks or providing a home with a filtration system, this flexibility is the key to provide quality services at agreeable prices.

Four Signs You Need to Have Your Air Conditioner Checked for Repair

It doesn’t take rocket science to tell whether an air conditioner needs repair, but many homeowners usually find themselves wondering whether there really is a problem or it’s all in their head. Oftentimes, Winnipeg HVAC technicians receive calls too late, when a customer’s AC system has stopped working entirely. If you’re like some homeowners, you may wonder what to observe to keep such major inconvenience from happening. Pay attention to the following signs:

1. Noise. ACs generally make a humming sound to a certain degree, although not that audible unless given notice. If, however, you hear unusual sounds like loud vibrations, rattling, whirring, squealing or grinding, that signals a system problem for sure.

Call In a Winnipeg Plumber to Help Prepare Your Pipes for Cold Weather

For Winnipeg residents, with the arrival of autumn and winter around the corner, it’s time to ready their plumbing for the onslaught of cold weather. The main worry is that one of your pipes can freeze. Caused by the water inside them freezing, this can result in burst or clogged pipes. There are several reasons for pipes to freeze: bad insulation, faulty heating, or sudden temperature drops. Local plumbers like Bison Plumbing & Heating LTD can help avert a lot of these problems.

Frozen Pipe Basics

A frozen pipe may not seem like something to trouble your plumber with, but frozen pipes can be devastating. This is because when water freezes, the ice that it becomes expands, thereby putting a lot of pressure on the structure of your pipe. Depending on how often this happens, your pipes can sometimes just burst, even if they’re made of metal.